4 things to consider before you start a blog in 2016

Your itchy fingers and the Ernest Hemingway inside you is yearning to come out and in the current digital scenario what better than to start a blog?

But wait, this isn’t 2005 anymore where blogging was quick and easy to share the butterflies in your tummy. Say hello 2016, and blogging means serious business. There are more than 176.7 Million blogs on WordPress and Tumblr alone. That’s big! So do you stand a chance? Sure you do, that’s why you’re still reading this. However, the key to joining the ever growing blogging bandwagon is to write consistent quality content that your audience will love.

Before we begin, let me show you four key things you need before you jump into blogging.

Ready with the checklist

First up, considering that you don’t have a blog yet and is struggling through the best way out. Here are 4 short checklists you need to look at before we move on to the big flesh of blogging

  • Set clear goals of what you’re expecting in return from your blog
  • Get a blog! Yes, you heard it right. To start blogging, you’ll need a blog so choose one. I suggest WordPress as your blogging platform.
  • Create a brand, start with basic elements like logos, colors and even font style.
  • Start writing, start looking at what your audience need help with and create content around that. Remember to focus on your keyword and publish content that helps people

Coming to the flesh of this post, here are 4 things to consider before you start a blog apart from the ones mentioned above

Firstly, What will you talk about? 

If your sitting in your couch saying well, I can blog about my life experience. Sorry to interrupt your fantasy, but why would someone care about your life experience?

Now that was the ugly truth. But coming back to blogging, choosing a niche for your blog can make a world of difference to you and your readers. Yes, you have the freedom to tell your story and it might be a hit, but there is huge chance that it doesn’t even get noticed. So, you can simply show your unique perspective on that very story, keeping in mind what different do you have to offer. Keep your reader in the front while selecting a niche for your blog and soon you would notice getting noticed.

If you’ve written something good, tell the world about it

If you thought, by creating an awesome content you can bring in all the readers to your blog, then get ready for some surprises.

Yes, you need to have great content that people care about. But what you also need to do is to promote your blogs. A bitter truth of 2016, without promotions no one will find your blogs. So why bother writing? Because that’s the key to attracting visitors in the long run. For now, you need to focus on promoting your blogs, try out every social media platforms and start witnessing people’s interaction.

Have a clear publishing schedule

Though some flexibility in your publishing schedule is acceptable, you’ll still want to set a schedule of how frequent you’ll post on your blog. Too many blogs start off with the intention to post regularly, and then slowly snooze off. Part of building a loyal readership is being consistent with your blog post. It helps manage your audience’s expectations of your brand. Creating a prior schedule will help you avoid future damage and someday down the road you can change the schedule based on your convenience.

Start collecting email from visitors right away

You might find it useless now but wait for at least a year of blogging and you would thank me for this. You need to stress on growing your email list from the initial stages. Your email list will be your goldmine of readers. This can be done by finding out ways for your readers to opt into your email list. Here is a great post by HubSpot on how to grow your email list that’ll surely come in handy. So go ahead, read it and start building your list.

Its your turn to talk! Let me know what would you add to the list.



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